Fast transportation,

High-quality accommodation

Jade Turizm, being the Turkey representative of China Southern- Airlines and Air China Airlines and the sales authorized agent of Turkish Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines other than the airlines said, offers unbelievably fair ticket prices to its customers for Far East especially China.

Moreover, Jade Turizm books thousands of hotels accommodation in China in Turkey and ensures its Turkish customers to reach to China in the fastest and safest way and to stay at outstanding hotels at the best price. In addition to this, Dongfang Hotel in Guangzhou is Turkey representative of Baiyun International Hotel, Clifford Resort Center Hotel.

Commercial consultancy services

While Guangzhou branch of Jade Turizm established in Guangzhou being the center of Canton Fair in 2002 offers guidance and interpreting services for the ones traveling to People’s Republic of China except than the fair, it provides consultancy service for the customers being engaged in all kinds of commercial activities with the country. The professional team of Turkish stock mother tongue of whose in Chinese, have gained appreciation and acknowledgements of thousands of corporate companies and legal entities up to know with the best service they offer.

Head office: Cumhuriyet Cad. 131/8 Harbiye – Istanbul-Turkey

Tel: +90 212 231 47 57 (pbx) Fax: +90 231 55 76

Guangzhou Office: Iqi Le Ya Ge Room 1205 Tian He-Guangzhou-China

Tel: +86 20 388 40952 Fax: +86 20 388 40942   e-mail:

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